6.30 “TRIANGLE” Sunkak Eyewear 7th Anniversary



Sunkak Eyewear 7th Anniversary

6/30 (SUN) 13:00-22:00

Entrance 1,000yen

Place :Under The Palmo Morito Beach


-Music by-
DJ SN-Z @djsnz
DJ HAL @djhal
RUEED @rueedman
SHU ASAOKA @shu_asaoka
DJ NAKAYAMA KEI @discogorila
DJ NARUHO @naruho81
DJ TAKEFUNK @djtakefunk
SILENT KITTO @silentkitto
TALLER @luke_bgs_hz_tls @bootkitchen_tls

-Popup Booth-
Sunkak Limited Popup


夏の始まりに”Sunkak Eyewear”の7周年アニバーサリーパーティーを開催します。ブランドオーナーに縁のあるDJ達が葉山 Under The Palmoの素晴らしい空間に音楽で彩付け。

Sunkakのブランドテーマ”Thanks Always”を掲げて、人に感謝する、環境に感謝する、人生に感謝する、感情に左右されず自然と気持ち良くなる1日になればと思っております。当日はオンラインでは無いLimited Itemを並べるPOPUPも1Fにて開催

To begin with, we will hold an anniversary party for “SUNKAK EYEWEAR”. DJs who are connected to the brand owner will add color to the wonderful space of Hayama Under The Palmo with their music.

We value SUNKAK’s brand theme Thanks always and we hope that your day will be one where you are grateful for people, the environment, and life, and you naturally feel good without being influenced by your emotions. A POPUP with limited edition items will also be held on the 1st floor.

神奈川県三浦郡葉山町堀内340 2F
逗子駅よりバス15分 元町バス停下車 徒歩5分

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